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Keyu XF01-1 water tank fire truck, adopts Keyu 5-ton self-refrigerating riveted chassis design, pure electric drive walking system, compact structure, convenient and flexible, good power performance, high acceleration performance, and can freely enter and exit narrow rural roads And dense and narrow places such as communities, factories, workshops, etc., with a full set of fire fighting functions of large fire trucks. The whole vehicle is composed of two parts: the fireman's cabin and the body, and the cabin can accommodate 2 people. The car has an inner tank structure, the front part of the body is the equipment compartment, the middle part is the water tank, and the rear part is the pump room. The liquid carrier tank is made of high-quality carbon steel, elastically connected to the chassis, carrying 2500kg of water, equipped with JBQ4.0-7G hand-lift fire pump produced by Zhejiang Huaqiu Fire Fighting Equipment Co., Ltd., rated flow 480L/min, PS30W installed on the roof Fire cannons for vehicles. The biggest feature of the car is maneuverability, good handling and easy maintenance. It can be widely used in public security fire brigade, factories and mines, communities, docks and other places to fight general material fires, and can independently fight fires. It is also possible to absorb water directly from the water source for fire fighting, or to supply water to other fire trucks and fire sprinklers. It can also be used as a water supply and water delivery vehicle in water-deficient areas. It is mainly suitable for general material fire extinguishing in large and medium-sized towns, narrow rural streets, urban communities, and busy wholesale markets. In spare time, it can be used for garden sprinkler irrigation and road cleaning.

Keyu XF01-1 water tank fire truck

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