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High -quality six -wheel electric fire truck

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    XF02-1 multi-functional water tank fire truck, the performance of the car meets the provisions of XF39-2016, the quality of the liquid can meets the regulations of XF39-2016, the car is beautiful and generous, the flatness meets the provisions of XF39-2016, and the 8-ton homemade electric cold rivet chassis is used. Design, pure electric drive walking system, compact structure, convenient and flexible, good power performance, high acceleration performance, can freely enter and exit rural narrow roads, communities, factories, workshops and other intensive narrow places. The vehicle is composed of two parts: firefighter's occupant room and body, and the occupant room can be taken by 4 people. The car is the structure of the inner warehouse, the front of the body is the equipment cabin, the middle part is a water tank, and the back is the pump room. The liquid tank is high -quality carbon steel, which uses elastic connection with the chassis, 3500kg of water loading. It is equipped with Zhejiang Zhana Ma Mechanical and Electrical Co., Ltd. to produce JBQ6.0/10 hand -lifted anti -pumps. The rated flow is 600L/min. Water cannons. The biggest feature of the car is the flexibility, good control, and easy maintenance. It can be widely used in the public security fire brigade, factory and mining enterprises, communities, and pierities, saving ordinary material fires, and can independently save fires. It can also be rescued directly from water absorption, or supply water to other fire trucks and fire extinguishers. Water supply and water recowing can also be used in water -lacking areas. It is mainly suitable for the general material extinguishing fire extinguishing from Greater and Middle towns, rural narrow streets, urban communities, and busy wholesale markets. It can be used for garden spray irrigation, road cleaning, and sprinkle in leisure.

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