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Why more and more people choose new energy electric vehicles

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July 15, 2022

New energy electric vehicles have no pollution and low noise.New energy electric vehicle without internal combustion engine vehicle working waste gas, do not produce exhaust pollution, environmental protection and air clean is very beneficial, almost zero pollution.New energy electric vehicles have no noise generated by internal combustion engines, and the noise of electric motors is also smaller than that of internal combustion engines.New energy electric vehicle energy efficiency is high, especially in the city operation, the car stop and go, driving speed is not high, new energy electric vehicle is more suitable.The new energy electric vehicle does not consume electricity when it stops. In the braking process, the motor can be automatically converted into a generator to realize the reuse of energy when braking and deceleration.The new energy electric vehicle has the advantages of simple structure, less running and driving parts and convenient maintenance.When the AC induction motor is used, the motor does not need to be maintained, and more importantly, the new energy electric vehicle is easy to operate.

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