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New Design Candy New Model

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Jun 22, 2022

 Candy's new model is a five-door, four-seater electric car with a length of three meters 一,,a width of one meter, four eight , and a height of one meter sixty-five. The whole car is painted with metal paint. With patented keel frame, GB 60V3KW AC motor, stable starting and durable. Equipped with nine-inch multimedia reversing image, four-door power windows and central locking. 155-70R12 tubeless tires, mounted aluminum wheels and blackened rims.

Four-wheel disc brake system, vacuum brake assist. Warm air, leather seats, double seat belts, multi-function steering wheel. No exposed wire harnesses, use plastic clips to wrap oil pipes, not easy to wear. Four-door remote control lock, large-view rearview mirror, rear tailgate double-start spring, reversing radar. The special screws for the rear double chassis do not rust. Co-pilot vanity mirror and shark fin as standard. The brake hose is double-packed with independent lines, and the low-battery protection better protects the battery. Front and rear independent suspension, high-power converter 30A. Aluminum alloy grinding wheels, fiber parts for sound insulation and heat insulation, polymer firewalls, smart headlights, LED high-level brake lights. 2D channels, stereo speakers, snail horns are the same as in a car. Intelligent voice system, full LED headlight lens, high lumen in line with automotive standards.

One-piece floor leather, speed meter, the largest LCD display on the market, and the unique shape of the upper, middle and lower nets on the front of the car.

The controller features energy recovery, rapid acceleration, sufficient power, large climbing torque, and braking energy.

External multi-function power supply, water pump, pesticide sprayer, double-hole multi-directional adjustable nozzle, wiper, large-size sheet metal one-piece stamping body, all-polymer sheet metal film. The girder has no interface, high strength, good toughness, and improved comfort. The front and rear anti-collision beams are designed, and the body is not easily rusted by electrophoresis in all directions. The stamping sheet metal is integrated, and there is no abnormal noise. The front tail panel has an integrated strong beam, and the seat is made of leather and has strong wrapping, which is in line with human mechanics.

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